A monumental day

     His cheeks were rotting with laughter, expelling worries like they were ready to hit the road. In the coming days he did just that, and I admired softly in the presence but envied his freedom. A thousand times over I told friends “I’m going, I’m gone without a sure trace of where to … Continue reading A monumental day

Existential poetry

"No Good Answers"   I asked mum for a dollar once she asked "where's yer fatha?" I dunno, never knew him. I asked my teacher for help she asked "weren't you listening?" I dunno, I'm hard of hearing. I asked my boss for a day off he asked "got something more important to do?" I … Continue reading Existential poetry

“Personal wisdom”

My therapist (or rather, myself) suggested upping my intake of deprived stories about things that don't make enough sense to have any sort of real world value because it will teach me how to surrender any expectation that my life has sentiment and accept how pointless everything I make is but I didn't quite grasp … Continue reading “Personal wisdom”