Tyler Caine.

Thank you for being the most supportive and chill human being I’ve ever personally met. You’re awesome. I really hope life is blessing you the most, and I’m glad you’re being able to travel and perform your art abroad.

Christina Matanane.

Thank you for always getting me through the years and sticking with me through the project. You’re the best friend a person could ask for.

Joey DiTrucci.

Where do I even begin? I can’t thank you enough for your contributions to the project and to your personal guidance. You’re a great man, and I apologize about never getting to jam with you.

Ashley McKee:

Thank you for your faith and belief in the Project, and thank you for sticking to your art and your craft. It’s wonderful.

Scott Herbert.

Thank you for letting me work at your auto shop back in 2018 to get my vehicle. You’re the man. He is an amazing mechanic and a great man.

Jennifer Surmacz.

Thank you for your faith in the project and always having my back, as well as one close to me. Your contributions to the Project have been heavily impactful.

Mark Hoestra.

Thank you for your support, and just being yourself. You’re a hell of a dude, and I plan to make it up to you in 2019 so we can meet up this time.

Al Catlett.

Thank you for inviting me into your home that summer in 2017 when I was on the bus. Thanks for helping me get to Chicago when I missed it; I still use the bag you gave me to this day.

Jacob Leone.

Thank you for everything. Seriously. If not for you and a few others, I would have not had a place to stay in Chicago. You are an incredibly skilled lyricist and musician, and I was honored to be able to meet you up there.

James Sturnfield.

Thank you. Boy, did you save MY ass. Everything aside, thank you for sticking with your art and letting it evolve and grow. I’ve been watching what you’ve been doing over the years, and it rocks. Please don’t ever stop chasing your dream.

Sam Tuminaro.

Thank you for helping me out and being so friendly to me, along with the others. You’re a talented writer and lyricist, and I hope life is blessing you.

Sharon Zaharias.

You have been with me since before the project came to be, and I can’t be more grateful for your support through all of it, everything aside. I hope life has blessed you the way you blessed me.